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Croscarmellose Sodium

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Croscarmellose Sodium is the first superior disintegrator collected by China pharmacopoeia 2010 Edition, it is also internationally recognized as a new high efficiency disintegrator, which is one necessary product for new solid dosage forms manufacturing, such as orally disintegrating tablets or fast disintegrating tablets. Croscarmellose Sodium derivates from natural plant cellulose, it is a white creamish granular powder, easy to mix with other excipients, at a low use level (0.5 - 5%) it can reflect its outstanding disintegrating performance; apply to all tableting processes, especially for direct compression process. The disintegration time limit and release effects of the tablets made by Croscarmellose Sodium won't change along with times, showing its excellent and long-term stability in many preparations. At present domestic market demand on Croscarmellose Sodium presents stable growth trend, but the domestic production for this product was not realized and no domestic-make product can completely replace the imported Croscarmellose Sodium on quality. Through a lot of experiments, the argument again and again by technicians of ILE, and finally in 2011, ILE successfully obtained the first domestic, also so far the only one, Croscarmellose Sodium registration and production license issued by SFDA. The Croscarmellose Sodium researched and developed by ILE is in compliance with Chinese pharmacopoeia, the United States pharmacopoeia, European pharmacopoeia and Japanese pharmacopoeia standards, and from quality aspects it can completely replace the imported products, which certifies ILE once again fills a gap in domestic pharmaceutical excipients markets. Product features: [1] By taking full advantage of its wicking and swelling properties, it makes this product has superior disintegrating capacities [2] Effective at low use levels, generally at 0.5-5% can has a superior disintegrating performance [3] It can be used for all solid dosage form process, especially for Direct Compression creates more excellent disintegrating performance. The disintegration time limit and dissolution grade will not change along with times, showing superior long term dissolution stability.

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