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One Step Injection Blow Molding Machine

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In reaction to rapid increasing demands of PET bottles in the global markets, FULL SHINE (Taiwan) has force in developing innovative technology and providing reliable servicing. Thanks to the restless efforts of the engineering staff and personnel, FULL SHINE is now in a position to provide customers throughout the world with the products highly competitive in performance quality and price and the global distribution and services network. From machine, molds to final product, FULL SHINE is the right partner you can trust and rely on.

In response to market trends and industry demand, FULL SHINE is proud to announce two new-patented machine models for PET bottle and jar. The new models, FS-BT-S and FS-BT-J, are our newest and best solutions for diversified and low volume products such as foods, cosmetics, shampoo, pharmaceutical and agriculture containers.

Machine description: (Innovative bottle blowing technology) 

*FS- BT-S is equipped with 2-station servo table and side-blow system. After preform injection, the servo table rotates 180 degree, and a servo screw then transfers a neck plate with preforms to the side-blow station for blowing bottles. Using side-blow system is available and flexible for a bigger work space, and optional devices: gate trimmer and product conveyor can easily be mounted inside the machine to go on the automatic production. This model is good for small containers with short cycle time. 

*Jar/ Wide-mouth bottle is available, FS-BT-J has the same benefits, but is for wide-mouth jar applications, and it's a stronger machine with higher injection capacity and stronger clamping force.

*Mold Cost – An Important Factor to Face: Innovative approach by 2-station machine operation, FS-BT-S/FS-BT-J needs less neck cavities and has a more effective mold width, bringing cost savings. Mold cost is an important issue in running diversified and low volume products lines. The tooling/mold cost in our simple and innovative system is the lowest of all. 

* Energy system

Hydraulic system is often used in the single stage machine for a long time.
Depended the size of injected pieces, large product would requires long cooling hydraulic motor during this long cooling time period. This method was proven to save up in energy consumption.*Product Range: With FULL SHINE flexible design, a wide product ranges can be achieved in one machine

*Advantage of using One Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine:

1. Lowest machine investment
2. All processes are completed in single machine, lower labor cost.
3. One complete production cycle has few scratches, remains shining bottles surface, thus it creates higher value of bottles and containers.
4. No contamination of product occurs during production.
5. No burrs/flash, free from material recycling concern.
6. Accurate neck dimension.
7. To overcome the shortage of forming special PET bottles by traditional 2-stage PET production with uneasy PET stretch condition.

*Machine Features

*Simplified:Simple mechanical structure for dependable long term use.
*Economical:Minimized mold parts leading to more economic tooling costs.
*Flexible:Perfect for diversified and low volume orders of cosmetics, such as cosmetics, shampoo, pharmaceutical containers and wide-mouth jars.
*Unique:Multi-national patented process suitable for most thermoplastic applications.
*User Friendly:Fully computerized touch screen provides user friendly operation interface.
*Energy saving:In-mold heat preconditioning feature , no extra heaters required.
*Standardized:Standard air and well –know pneumatic and hydraulic parts are widely available.
*Technical Support:Providing know-how and thorough services from mold design to final product. 

For more information, please visit FULL SHINE Spanish website: http://www.full-shine.com/es/index.html, or e-mail to sales@full-shine.com 

For One Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machinery. FS-IB/BT Series Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machinery:



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